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 We love riding in bib shorts, Thanks to shoulder straps, there's no irritating waist-band. Any danger of flashing fellow road-users is eliminated because they stay securely in place.

There's just one small problem. If you're a woman, how on earth are you expected to go to the loo?

When you need to take a quick nature break, the faster and more subtle you can be, the better. Nobody enjoys having to strip off layers at the roadside.

The designers at dhb don't like problems. They prefer solutions. Through extensive testing and development, they've discovered an elegantly simple way to make the comfort-break a more comfortable experience. Ladies, meet the halter neck. 

Ground breaking high-stretch Halterneck strap

The Aeron Halterneck bib shorts take all the hassle out of loo stops by eliminating the need to remove your jacket and jersey. The design uses innovative Miti® fabrics for the halterneck part. The strap has exceptional stretch and recovery properties so you can lower the rear of the shorts while the strap stays in place. Far more comfortable, and discrete.

Since their release, the Aeron Halterneck bib shorts have become a firm favourite amongst women who ride but there was still room for improvement. For 2019, dhb has re-designed the strap for even more comfort and a more flattering fit. 

A customer favourite, now even better

As well as the new, improved strap, fans of the Aeron Halterneck bib shorts will notice a few other changes for 2019. The leg-grippers have been updated so, whilst you'll appreciate that they feel softer and just as comfortable, you'll be benefitting from a more secure fit. 

Following extensive research and testing with pro cyclists and ambassadors, dhb have updated the pad to the new Elastic Interface Paris HP. The smooth top surface provides enhanced support for the sit-bones and eliminates unwelcome 'pinching' for your most comfortable ride yet.