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image of staff reviewer Sarah Pain wearing Halterneck shorts

One for the girls!

Male riders look away now – this is plainly and simply addressing the age old challenge that bib-short wearing female riders face, having to remove nearly all their clothes to go for a mid-ride pee.

Whether you’re a road rider, mountain biker, commuter or recreational cyclist (or any other cycling variation!), if you are female and wear bib shorts you have probably had to face the undignified task of taking off nearly all of your top-half layers in order to lower your bib shorts and go to the loo. Not so bad if you’re actually in a toilet (although removing sweaty jerseys only to put them back on is never nice!), a bit more of a challenge if answering the call of nature ‘al fresco’. Unleashing your inner exhibitionist mid-ride is, in my experience, not much fun – and I have probably scared more innocent country ramblers than I care to mention.

Anything to address this issue is, therefore, of particular interest to me!

infograph of dhb halterneck

Comfortable fit

The new dhb Women's Aeron Pro Halterneck Bib Short tackles this rather delicate issue head-on. There are no zips, no poppers, no detachable bits – nothing complicated (or potentially hazardous!). The shorts simply pull down leaving everything where it is. This works because of the clever halterneck design that stretches – REALLY STRETCHES – enabling you to pull the back part of the shorts down.

Initially the things that concerned me about this were a) whether the Halterneck would pull around my neck when riding, and b) whether when I pulled the shorts back up, it would mess up all my other layers making them uncomfy. Neither of these were actually an issue in reality. The strap is really soft and I simply did not notice this in the saddle. Likewise with pulling up the shorts, because they sit reasonably low on your back and front, you can adjust baselayers etc underneath still without having to remove jerseys.

dhb halterneck split


It goes without saying that the dhb Women's Aeron Pro Halterneck Bib Short are also great cycling shorts full-stop – but that’s not the game-changer here. They are certainly top of my list for longer rides simply because they make the whole ‘stopping for a pee’ challenge a total non-issue.

We’ve all been envious of the boys and their super rapid pit-stops; well, now we can be equally as quick.

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Published on: 08 Jun 2015