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cycling base layer buying advice

Base layers form the foundation of the wardrobe of many cyclists - keeping you cool and dry in the summer, and warm and dry in the winter. This 'base' garment could mean the difference between setting a personal best, or coming in just under.

Using a base layer allows you to tackle any conditions on a ride. dhb have extensively developed, tested, and regularly ridden in a comprehensive collection; to give you the best performance for all kinds of conditions.

Ranging from a mesh fabric for those hot, sunny days; to Merino wool, mixed with the revolutionary 37.5 technology, for tackling colder conditions.


Warm weather base layers

The dhb Lightweight Mesh Sleeveless Baselayer is perfect for use in hotter conditions. This works well when you want something to wick away sweat from your skin, allowing it to pass through the layers of clothing and be expelled into the air around you.

An alternative would be the dhb Lightweight Merino Short Sleeve Baselayer (M_120) (also available as the women's version); an ideal pick to help regulate your temperature with consistency and comfort.

Ever wondered what the numbers meant next to the M e.g.'120'? That refers to the weight of the material in grams per square metre. 120 is a lightweight option, making it ideal for summer.

dhb M120 Merino Base Layer


Cold weather base layers

Merino wool is a great natural fabric with properties suitable for a wide range of conditions; it works exceptionally well in cool conditions.

dhb uses Australian sourced Merino, which is guaranteed to come to us from a trusted supplier, committed to animal welfare.

For changeable weather, or for those times when the M_120 isn't quite enough, then you can upgrade to the thicker dhb Merino Short Sleeve Base Layer (M_150) (women's version) option. This mid-weight base layer will perform in a similar way to the M_120, but with a thicker, heavier weave; so it’ll also keep the cold away from your skin on those breezy early spring or late autumn days.

When Winter starts setting in, and it is getting colder, the dhb Merino Short Sleeve Base Layer (M_200) (women's version) would keep you warm and comfortable; with a thicker weave that gives more insulation. Whatever the weather, you can still get out there and enjoy the ride.

The final base layer in the winter collection is the dhb Aeron Merino Base Layer (M_37.5) (women's version). This includes 37.5 technology - a revelation in sportswear fabric technology. 37.5 works by embedding particles in the fabric, which actively respond to body heat whilst you ride, and soak up and expel water vapour. The result is you are kept at that performance sweet-spot of 37.5 degrees. dhb have been one of the first brands to incorporate 37.5 technology into a Merino base layer. We think it’s the start of a new, exciting chapter for cycle clothing. You can also find it in our innovative Aeron Storm jacket.

dhb m150 merino base layer


dhb is committed to keeping you out there, doing what you love. From warm, breezy summer day rides, to cold and frosty morning commutes; there is a base layer in the range that is ready to go.