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Aeron LAB is the latest triathlon collection from customer favourite dhb. Echoing their cycle collections, Aeron LAB is dhb’s premium offering. Born out of an ambition to design triathlon kit fit for Iron Men and Women, the Aeron LAB trisuits and wetsuits are packed with features to make you faster, more efficient and more comfortable over long distances.

Tested by triathletes across the globe, dhb tell us this has already received rave reviews, and it’s been optimised off the back of feedback provided by these real athletes.

So what makes it so special?

The Aeron LAB wetsuits are constructed from 10 different variations of neoprene to enhance performance. This results in additional buoyancy in strategic places, an enhanced ability to cut through the water in others, and panels that facilitate speedy transitions. 

“This wetsuit provides a lot of buoyancy to raise you out of the water, allowing for more glide and less drag. This means that you use less energy during the swim section”         

Steph Ede, Iron-Woman in training (@Triathlonsteph)

It features 1.5mm Yamamoto cell 39 neoprene with SCS coating and an extended lining for the arms and underarms. This offers incredible flexibility and freedom of movement through your stroke. 

The quick release zip makes transition quicker than ever before- one sharp pull and it comes apart. As our ambassador Steph explains, “The tie chord on the zip makes it easy to reach whilst running into transition and the quick release zip means you don’t have to pull the zip all the way down adding extra ease and speed during transition.”

You can customise it to fit better. dhb have included the option to trim the arms and leg length to your preference. 3 guidelines direct you where to cut, without damaging the suit.

Comfort is a priority when you’re spending a long time in the water, and the Aeron LAB wetsuit has been developed with this at the heart of it. The flexibility and construction means it’s not only incredibly easy to get on and off, but in the words of Steph, “it’s incredibly comfortable, you barely notice you’re wearing it”.

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