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    Key winter cycle outfits from dhb's Aeron All Winter Collection
    28 Nov 2019 / Tara Andrews
    Riding in winter can be tricky. It’s cold, it’s often wet and windy so finding the motivation to get yourself out the door can be tough Having said that, winter is a time for some great riding to be had. The change in temperature brings a change in scenery, leaves turn golden and line the roads, cold mornings coat landscapes in frost,...
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    Rear derailleurs buying guide
    05 Nov 2019
    A rear derailleur (often referred to as a 'rear mech') is the mechanism that moves the chain from cog-to-cog on the cassette at the rear of the bike. The right hand gear shifter on the handlebars pulls a cable (or uses electronic signals) to move the derailleur, which in-turn moves the chain onto the appropriate cog on the cassette.
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    Inner tube buying guide
    05 Nov 2019
    Inner tubes. They're not the most exciting part of your bike, but they are pretty essential. What's more, if you don't have the right size of inner tube, then you're pretty stuck. We have a great range of inner tubes; for road, mountain bike, cyclocross and kid's bikes. What inner tube do you need? Read on...
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    Bicycle mudguards buying guide
    05 Nov 2019 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Mudguards aren't the most exciting cycle component; but they are one of most useful. Mudguards help to keep you and your bike cleaner, and more comfortable; on those wet and muddy rides. But what mudguards are right for you?
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    dhb Aeron Rain Defence: introducing the essential cycling rain jacket and bib tights
    11 Oct 2019
    dhb Aeron has launched its best cycling rain jacket and bib tight technology yet in the form of Aeron Rain Defence. Designer Nick explains how the futuristic fabric works, and how it can help you perform at your best in all weathers.
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    How Elastic Interface will improve your ride
    02 Oct 2019
    If you've been shopping for cycling shorts or tights you'll probably be familiar with the name Elastic Interface. You might have seen their logo on the label, but what exactly do they do? Elastic Interface specialises in the 'chamois' pad that goes into cycling shorts and tights. It's a vital component in ensuring that you'...
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    Road bike buying guide Vitus Vitesse Evo 2020
    09 Aug 2019
    Buying a new road bike can be tough. Finding which road bike is right for you means looking carefully at your budget and getting a crash course on the huge array of technical terms and component set-ups you need to understand. It can feel like climbing an alpine epic but, after reading this handy guide, you'll be in gear and pedaling with ease through the various road bike options.
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    Cyclocross bike buying guide
    08 Aug 2019
    Cyclocross is a discipline that combines both off-road and on-road cycling. Typical cyclocross terrain can include grass, woodland trails, pavement, mud and even sand! The good news is, you can do cyclocross all year round - you just need the right bike.
  • How to guides
    sportive checklist
    21 Jun 2019
    Sportives are organised cycling events, which encourage you and other riders of all levels to get out and ride; on a supported course with feed stations and route marking. To ensure you don't leave anything behind, here is our Sportive Checklist
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    Beginner's guide to buying a road bike
    20 Jun 2019
    What's the best road bike for a beginner? In this guide, we discuss some of the key features to look for in your first road bike. To the casual observer, road bikes all look pretty similar. Drop-bars, light-weight, skinny tyred. Built for speedy rides on tarmac. Look closer, and you'll discover a number of subtle differences in components...