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    How to train for sportive success
    02 Apr 2019
    In this guide we asked Radeon Cycle Coaching to put together some top tips on training for a longer distance sportive. For more information on Radeon Coaching, reference the contact details at the bottom of the guide.
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    Man using CycleOps virtual training products
    01 Oct 2018
    Turbo training can be a monotonous activity; hours of spinning away on a stationary bike can leave you wishing for something to keep you interested and engaged. Interest and engagement certainly isn’t a problem when you’re flying down a scenic road; so, why not bring the road to you?
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    Get the edge with the Athlete Performance Amino range
    09 Apr 2018 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Whether you’re a recreational athlete, weekend warrior or a professional competitor, understanding your body and providing it with the support it needs is the first step towards pushing yourself to new limits. Athlete Performance 's health and wellbeing expert Barbara Cox tells us how the new range of amino creams can help. Ultra...
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    TORQ Turbo Training Sessions
    15 Jan 2018 / Nassrin Chamanian
    It is easy to neglect hydration during the winter months, because the assumption is that lower temperatures equals lower perspiration rates. However, most of you will have experienced high sweat loss during an indoor TurboTraining session and this leads to dehydration and ultimately impaired performance/recovery. TORQ Hypotonic contains a small...
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    29 Jun 2016
    How time in the pool can improve your cycling performance Speedo are on a mission - to help you go beyond fit, to get Speedo Fit; by using swimming to enhance your performance in your chosen sport. Working with many athletes (both international professionals and local enthusiasts) they have come to see the benefits of using multi-disciplinary...
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    Image of PowerTap rear hub
    21 May 2015 / Tim Wiggins
    In this “Training with Power” series, in association with PowerTap, we take a look firstly at why power is such a good measure to use, then we will look at what sessions you can do with your power meter, both indoors and out on the road.
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    Clair Buchar riding her mountain bike
    15 May 2015
    Words by Claire Buchar We all train physically. Whether it's in the gym for strength, or on the trail for strength, endurance, speed and skill. But what good is all that if sometimes 90% of the game is mental? What good is strength and endurance when you're intimidated by a section of trail? We've all experienced a section of trail...
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    Image of cycle racers in desert
    15 May 2015
    On this page we have brought together our guides that will help you with your training. Including advice on turbo trainers for indoor training, suggestions for power training sessions and buying guidance for GPS cycle computers to enhance your training. Read on to get more out of your training... Turbo trainer buying guide When the weather is dark...
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    PowerTap - Training with power - Part 3
    05 May 2015
    This is the third and final guide in our series of guides on 'Training with Power'. In our Part 1 Guide we considered the advantages of training with a power meter, in our Part 2 Guide we discussed some productive training sessions that you could do with your power meter out on the road or trails. In this Part 3 guide we consider indoor...
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    Cyclist training hard on his bike
    05 May 2015 / Tim Wiggins
    Welcome to the second in our series of Wiggle Guides on Training with Power. In our Part 1 Training with Power guide we discussed the advantages of training with power and why power is a good metric to use. In this guide we will consider some sessions that you can do out on the road using your power meter; ranging from short interval sessions to...