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    Men's Virtual Fitting Room guide
    14 Oct 2015
    When it comes to men's clothing, we all know that getting the right size is key, and that's why we have created our virtual fitting room service. This amazing piece of technology gives you a photo-accurate visualisation of fit and takes all the guesswork of choosing the right size.
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    High5 off-season weight maintenance guide
    01 Oct 2015
    So what’s the best way to manage your weight in the off-season? The kind folk at High5 have come up with this off-season weight maintenance guide to help you manage your weight when you’re training less.
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    Cycle to Work Day: Best practice guide
    24 Aug 2015 / Naveed Nasir
    Cycle to Work Day is a national event that takes place on the 3rd September 2015 - this special day is all about encouraging everyone to take up and experience the joy of two wheels for at least one day!
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    How to repair a puncture
    23 Aug 2015
    It’s one of those tasks that we all find a chore, always seeming to strike at the worst possible time; when it’s pouring with rain and freezing cold, but it’s an essential skill to have in any cyclists repertoire.
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    Cycle to Work Day
    20 Aug 2015
    The Cycle to Work scheme enables your employees to get a bike and accessories tax-free and make some big savings. It's free to join so why not have a read of this guide to get ready to roll with the Cycle to Work scheme!
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    Bike security guide
    20 Aug 2015
    In this bike security guide, Sustrans ' cycle officer Felix Hilton provides some key tips on using your bike lock to its fullest potential.
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    bike size guide wiggle
    29 Jul 2015
    It's important to get the right size bike. If the fit is good, your bike will be faster, more comfortable and easier to handle. This guide makes it easy to pick the best bike size for you.
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    Sidi cycling shoes fitting guide
    30 Jun 2015
    Sidi cycling shoes are some of the most advanced cycling shoes on the market today. We have created this helpful Sidi shoes fitting guide, to help you understand the importance of size, as well as the many features to look out for when buying your next pair of Sidi shoes.
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    Image of Team Wiggle rider Tim Wiggins
    23 Jun 2015
    Whether you’re a cyclist, a swimmer, a distance runner or a track athlete, adding sprints into your training plan will boost your sports performance.
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    Image of cyclist cornering on bike
    16 Jun 2015
    In this Sustrans' cycle safety guide we learn about the importance of 'looking' at all times on the road and understanding the importance of making eye contact with other road users.