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About the COSINE brand

The COSINE brand was launched in late 2015: offering a small but attractive range of wheels. Within the range there are three full carbon clincher wheelsets, in three different rim depths, and suitable for racing in all conditions. To partner these, there are three alloy wheelsets: one for disc road bikes and cyclocross bikes, one with a medium 32mm depth, and then the shallow-profile 24mm alloy clincher set, tested and reviewed here...


Tried and tested in 'British' conditions...

I've been testing these wheels for the last five months, having used them to replace a set of worn-out Fulcrum Racing 5's on my winter bike. I have tested them on the lanes of Southern England; lanes which are wet, muddy, full of debris, and in some cases resemble more of a farm track, than a proper tarmac road (I would probably do well to use disc brakes!).

The wheels have faired very well, despite my best efforts to challenge them with potholes and grime. They have been bombproof... 

Firstly, they continued to run true. This is testament to the durability and strength of the rims and spokes, and also the build process. During the winter months, having a set of wheels that will get you home without any fuss, is vital. These have done just that, no hassles.

Secondly, the hubs are still running smooth. Much like the rims and spokes, the hubs have taken a battering, too. Despite the plentiful rain and standing water of late, the bearings have not seized up once; even when I have left the bike in my shed for a couple of days, uncleaned (Editor: Naughty!). They continue to roll smoothly, just as new.

Thirdly, they were simple to fit and have been easy to maintain. I shod them with a pair of LifeLine Essential Road Tyres, without any fuss; something you can't say for all wheel/tyre combinations. Then, I haven't had to touch them since, apart from a small tweak on the front cone bearing, to remove a bit of play. It is worth mentioning that the LifeLine tyres have performed just as well as the wheels in terms of reliability, bombproof-ness and by being confidence inspiring too - gravel and flints haven't proven a problem!


Overall performance

Retailing at £70.00 RRP, these wheels offer fantastic value and a very respectable performance. You really can't go wrong with them.

OK, so they might not be the lightest or prettiest, but that is not the intention of the build. They are made to function and perform faultlessly, and aside from a very minor tweak to the front hub, they have done just that!

The COSINE 24mm Alloy Clincher Road Wheelset are strong, durable and do the job very well. They roll nicely, and run quiet and smooth. I would recommend these as a great set of training wheels for winter riding, or as a spares set. For the cash, you won't get better bang for your buck!

About the author

Richard Pearman
Published on: 10 Mar 2016

Richard Pearman is an avid cyclist who has been cycling and racing since he left school. Now in his mid forties, he still has a love, and passion for cycling and being involved in all aspects of training, racing (for Team Wiggle).