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bicycle tyres buying guide

What bike tyres to choose?

What tyres you fit to your bike will make a real difference to the performance, comfort and safety of your ride. Tyres are one of the most important components of a bicycle build.

At Wiggle, we stock a wide range of bike tyres; from slick road tyres, through to mountain bike tyres with knobs and lugs. To find out more about each of the categories, take a look at the dedicated tyre buying guides that we have below.



Road bike tyres guide

road bicycle tyres buying guide advice

For road cycling enthusiasts, we have a great range of road bicycle tyres at Wiggle.

A road bike tyre is designed specifically for riding on asphalt; they have smooth tread pattern, a narrow profile, and a relatively low tyre volume - providing a balance between grip, low rolling resistance and comfort.

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Mountain bike tyres guide

mountain bike tyres buying guide

For those heading out on the trails, we have a great range of mountain bike tyres at Wiggle.

A mountain bike tyre is specifically designed for off-road riding or trail riding. A good mountain bike tyre will provide grip, cushioning and puncture protection; so that you can enjoy the trails and mountains in confidence.

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Commuter bike tyres guide

commuter bicycle tyre buying guide

For those taking on the urban commute, we have a great range of commuter bike tyres at Wiggle.

A commuter bicycle tyre will be designed to be grippy, durable and offer a good level of puncture protection. Commuting tyres look similar to road bicycle tyres, but they tend to be larger in volume - to provide greater grip and comfort.

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