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image of Hiplok bicycle lock

Keep your bike safe and secure

Buying the correct lock for your bike can be the difference between finding it there when you return or forking out for a replacement. We have created this bike locks buying guide with the help of Wiggle’s accessories buyer Martin Mckinlay. The aim of this guide is to help explain the different kinds of bike locks available at Wiggle and what key features to look for when you are planning to make your next purchase.

Solid Secure Rating explained

The easiest way to judge the security of a lock is to check its Sold Secure Rating.Sold Secure has developed a three tier security grading system. The Gold rated locking devices offer the highest level of security. The next level down Silver offers a compromise between security and cost, whilst the Bronze level typically offers defense against the opportunist thief. Ideally,

D Locks

Regarded as the most durable lock available. These locks can vary in length, weight and solidness, which are reflected in the price; you pay for the confidence that a better lock will give. They can be used to lock a frame to a non-moveable object or to secure wheels/panniers to the frame. If you are using a D Lock to secure your frame, you should use a cable lock in tandem to secure the wheels.

image of D lock

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Chain Locks

chain lock imageThe name says it all, a chain lock is an anodised chain that is often covered with a plastic sleeve to make it manageable to handle and protected from the elements. These locks are again available in a number of lengths and thicknesses. The locking system can be key based or combination (number or letter.) Sold Secure ratings apply.

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Cable Locks

cable lock imageCable Locks are more flexible then chain locks and tend to come in longer lengths, allowing greater versatility. They are constructed of intertwined metal fibres covered in plastic to prevent weathering. They also come in key and combination locking mechanisms and are perfect for that quick stop off at the cake shop due to their lightness.

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Ground Anchors

ground anchor lockRecent studies suggest many riders with high value bikes never purchase a lock because they never need to lock a bike when out riding. However, the trouble arises when garages and sheds are broken into, revealing a bike as an easy target. Many insurance companies are now insisting bikes must be secured in the home, with the ideal solution being a ground anchor. These heavy duty rings are drilled into the floor and create a secure point from which to use a lock.

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Alternative lock designs and styles


Locks can be big and heavy and often look unaesthetic on a bike. Hiplok have come up with the unique solution of a wearable lock. In essence it is a chain lock developed to be comfortable when worn around the waist.

Hiplok waist belt image

Security kits

No lock is 100% secure and if the worst does happen, using a marking kit such as Datatag can help the Police identify your bike should it be recovered. The Police also offer a free service; check your local constabulary website for details.

Location Tips

It may sound obvious, but where you leave your bike is almost as important as what you lock it up with. Ask yourself, who would notice if someone were to attempt to steal it? Areas with regular footfall are less likely to witness bike thefts then side streets and alleys. Social media can also be your friend, keep up-to date images of your pride and joy as further proof of ownership.

Data Recording Tips

One worrying rise in bike theft is being generated by riders uploading their rides to sharing platforms such as Strava. You wouldn’t tell a stranger where you stored your bike and when you rode so use privacy options to mask your final location.