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Mudguards aren't the most exciting cycle component, but when you're out on dirty, wet roads and trails, you and your riding crew will be glad you have them. Bike mudguards help to keep you, and your bike cleaner and more comfortable (as well as whoever's on your wheel). But which mudguards are right for you?

There's plenty of choices out there for road bikes, mountain bikes and commuter bikes. Here's a closer look at the pros and cons of the main varieties you'll find at Wiggle.

The Ass Savers

Ass Saver Mudguard

Ass Savers are the simplest and lightest solution you'll find, constructed from a thin piece of plastic that you can keep in your work bag. Shaped and scored to snap under your saddle in seconds and give you valuable protection should the weather take an unexpected turn. 


  • Easy to fit and remove.
  • Light and compact enough to carry just in case.
  • Front fork guard now available.


  • No protection for your bike components.
  • No protection for your legs or front.

Clip-on mudguards

A clip-on mudguard is ideal for a quick fix, with a decent amount of sturdy protection from rain and mud. Simply clip onto your seat post or front fork, no tools required.

A great choice for commitment-phobes who don't want to be stuck with a mudguard that's a faff to remove, but also perfect if your bike frame doesn't have the eyelets required to fit a fixed mudguard. 


  • Easy to fit.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Good level of coverage.
  • Can fit most frames - no need to bolt onto eyelets.


  • Heavier than Ass Savers.
  • Can get knocked off centre, leaving you exposed.

Fixed mudguards

These are the next step up from a clip-on mudguard, and most come in a pack with both a front and rear guard.

Fixed mudguards are available for both mountain bikes and road bikes and offer the highest level of protection.

They take a bit more effort than the other options to fit - most styles need to be bolted onto the eyelets you find on most bike frames. However, once in place you can forget about them, making them perfect for riders who face persistently bad weather. 


  • Front and rear protection.
  • Mudflaps help to protect your downtube and drivetrain, as well as following riders.
  • Bolt into place and forget - they will stay in position and not get knocked off center.
  • Reflective options are available.


  • Time-consuming to fit.
  • Not all models are compatible with all bike-frames so check before you buy!
  • Heavier than other options (and some say less attractive)

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