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A guide to CrossFit

Over the past few years, CrossFit has become a huge force in the sports industry. It’s often aligned with massive muscles and enormous weights but the reality is that CrossFit has something for everyone.

The very basis of CrossFit is to give you a training approach that doesn’t rely upon hi-tech equipment to you to become the strongest version of yourself possible. Think low or no equipment workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime.

CrossFit has become such a massive success that Reebok has even created a range of official merchandise so that you can share your enthusiasm for CrossFit, loud and proud!

Do you want to learn more? We’ve created a short guide to help you with some of the most frequently asked questions around CrossFit.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program. It uses weightlifting, gymnastic movements and speed drills to improve your performance across elements of fitness such as strength, power, agility, balance and stamina. It’s designed to make you stronger for movements that are more like to come up in everyday life. So think about full body pushing and pulling movements, rather than bicep curls or calf raises. CrossFit gyms are called “Boxes” and they’re kitted out with basic equipment such as weights, skipping ropes, pull up bars and rowing machines.

A guide to CrossFit

Do you have to be 'fit' to do it?

Yes. CrossFit is about progressive fitness. It’s about working to your limits. It doesn’t matter if you can’t lift as much or move as quickly as somebody else, just so long as you’re pushing yourself to improve your own performance.

A guide to CrossFit

Is CrossFit safe?

Again, work to your own needs and you’ll be fine. As with any sport injuries happen when you try to do too much, too soon. If you make sure that you attend an accredited Box, learn correct lifting form and take correct steps towards rest and recovery, you’ll be fine.

A general session should include a long warm-up before skills practice, finishing with a timed “workout of the day” or WOD. The WOD is when you’ll be really pushing it but by this stage of the session your body will be warmed-up and ready for it.

A guide to CrossFit

Where I can find out more?

To find your nearest CrossFit accredited Box, check out the interactive map on the official CrossFit website. The official website also has plenty more information about what CrossFit is, how you can get involved and even offers some session plans if you want to just incorporate some of the ideas into your own training.

A guide to CrossFit

What should I wear?

First and foremost, you want to aim for comfort. You’ll get hot pretty quickly, so for clothing think about lightweight and breathable fabrics. Men should opt for shorts and vests whilst women should wear shorts or capris, with a tank or cropped top. For women, we’d also recommend that you wear a sports bra that’s suitable for high impact exercise.

Footwear is also extremely important. You’ll need shoes that keep you low to the ground so that you’ve got good stability when performing lifts. Also, lower-profile footwear tends be lightweight so that you can move quickly and with precision. This is important if you want to get faster and make progress!

A guide to CrossFit