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Base layers are the base of any layering system - they are designed to sit next to the skin and wick moisture away from your body; they do this by absorbing moisture (sweat) from the surface of your skin, then allowing it to evaporate away.

By wicking sweat away from the body, a base layer keeps you dry, comfortable, and chill free. Thermal base layers can also help to keep you warm by trapping an insulating layer of warm air around the skin.

Base layers can be made of several materials: namely synthetics (Polyester or Polypropelene) or Merino wool.

Cycling base layers also come in a huge variety of styles. From long-sleeved, with high collars for the cooler weather, to mesh sleeveless garments for the hot days.

In this Wiggle guide, we look at what you should consider when you are buying a base layer, including the fit, the materials, and the season that you are buying for.

Cold-weather cycling base layers

Important factors to consider when buying a base layer for winter use:

  1. Material: you want a fabric that will provide warmth and insulation.
  2. Fit: just like a summer base layer, a winter layer also needs to be close fitting; to ensure you're trapping a layer of insulating air between body and fabric.
  3. Cut: base layers for cold weather can be short sleeve or long sleeve - personal preference comes in here, but also how adaptable you require your base layer to be.

Base layer materials for cold weather

Base layers are often made from synthetic materials that have been engineered to keep you warm and dry quickly.

Another great material for winter base layers is merino wool. Merino sheep have adapted to extreme conditions in their native country Australia. Thanks to their highly specialised wool, they thrive in the hot summers and harsh winters. The same properties that help keep merino sheep happy make merino wool perfect for sportswear. Durable, soft, thermal and moisture-wicking, it's an increasingly popular choice for base layers.

Cold weather base layer fit

Like summer base layers, it is vital that cold weather base layers fit close to your body. Luckily, both synthetic materials and Merino wool have great stretch properties.

Check the unique size guide on all base layer product pages, for a tailored fit.

Cold weather base layer cut

You may want to wear your base layer underneath a protective short-sleeved jersey, with arm warmers; in this case, you'll need a short sleeve winter base layer.

However, if you're wearing your winter base layer with a jacket or long sleeve jersey, then we highly recommend a long sleeve base layer.

Longer sleeves keep warmer blood flowing to your forearms, and then onto your hands; helping to keep this vital extremity warm and protected from the chill.

Winter base layers we recommend:

Here are some of our recommendations for winter base layers at Wiggle. 

GripGrab Merino Bamboo 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Base Layer

Designed for the harsh conditions of Flanders in February or base building rides in the coldest conditions, GripGrab's Merino Bamboo 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Base Layer is an essential addition to your winter riding kit. Super-soft bamboo on the inside provides warmth while the excellent moisture management from the multi-denier fabric keeps you dry and cosy. 




Sportful Bodyfit Pro SS Baselayer

The Sportful Bodyfit Pro SS Baselayer provides insulation and superb sweat-wicking performance. This makes it a great all-rounder, worn under a lighter jersey to extend comfort into the first days of autumn or take the chill off spring mornings. Alternatively, layer under a winter jacket when training sessions are more intense.


Sportful Bodyfit Pro SS Baselayer

Sportful Women's Bodyfit Pro SS Baselayer

Castelli Prosecco Tech Long Sleeve Base Layer

Castelli's Prosecco Tech Long Sleeve Base Layer has allowed devoted athletes to pursue their optimum performance in fair and cold conditions. The PrimaLoft® fabric provides excellent thermoregulation while an ergonomic fit and the light stretch rib knit ensure total freedom of movement and excellent ventilation.


Castelli Prosecco Tech Long Sleeve Base Layer

Castelli Women's Prosecco Tech Long Sleeve Base Layer

Summer cycling base layers

The most important factors to consider for your summer cycling base layers are:

  1. Material: you want a fabric that will wick moisture away from your skin, leaving you cool and dry.
  2. Fit: you want a summer base layer to be close fitting, so it doesn't clump underneath tight summer riding kit, and so it sits close to your skin.
  3. Cut: summer base layers come in short-sleeved and sleeveless options. What will be best for you, depends on the riding conditions and your other riding kit.

Summer base layer materials

Summer base layers are normally made of synthetic materials because of their excellent stretch properties. Along with providing a good fit, they are resistant to shrinking with continued use and highly effective at wicking away moisture.

Look out for fast dry fabrics such as CoolMax, CoolMesh, ThermoCool and DriFit; these will ensure sweat is quickly moved away from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Many modern polyester fabrics also use odour reducing technology such as Microban and Polygiene. These anti-microbial finishes stop odour building up in the base layer, even with heavy perspiration, making them more pleasant when in use for long days in the saddle.

Summer base layer fit

The great stretch properties of modern synthetic materials mean base layers can fit like a second skin. Indeed it's important they do to provide the best moisture management.

Use our detailed size guides on each base layer product page, to ensure you get the best fit.

Summer base layer cut

Sleeveless or short-sleeved? Summer base layers could be either.

Which one you choose depends largely on personal preference. A vest-style base layer will typically be cooler.

Summer base layers we recommend:

Here are some of the latest summer base layers available at Wiggle from top brands. 

dhb Lightweight Mesh Sleeveless Baselayer

The knit construction of this open-mesh base layer allows effective ventilation and airflow between your skin and your jersey. You'll finish your ride feeling as dry and fresh as you started thanks to the superior wicking properties of the fabric.


dhb Lightweight Mesh Sleeveless Baselayer

dhb Women's Lightweight Mesh Sleeveless Baselayer

Castelli Women's Pro Issue 2 Sleeveless Base Layer

It might remind you of a string vest, but the high tech 3D mesh actually excels at moisture control. Perfect for chilly to mild conditions thanks to its low insulation and high breathability, this classic option features a semi-open design for optimum ventilation.




Craft Cool Mesh Superlight Sleeveless Base Layer

Forming an essential part of Craft’s 'Stay Cool' Superlight range, the Cool Mesh Base Layer gives you sweat-free performance that doesn’t break the bank. Its ergonomic fit allows complete freedom of movement in your torso, while the fabric is made from six-channel material to keep you cooler than ever before. Even better, superb moisture-wicking and an anti-odour finish ensure you feel every bit as fresh ten miles in as you did at the start.



Wiggle tip: 

To make the most of your technical cycle clothing, you really need a base layer for each season. This will maximise warmth in the winter months and excess manage moisture in the summer. Having a good base layer can significantly improve your riding comfort and enjoyment in all seasons.

The fabric you opt for will depend on your budget and what you intend to use the product for. Merino wool is normally more expensive than polyester due to the expense of sourcing the material. However, it is worth spending more if you use the layer frequently or for longer rides.

Ensure you get a base layer that fits you well. Base layers are designed to be a second skin, so close-fitting profiles are vital. Sizes vary between manufacturers so check the size guide on individual products.