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ASICS has been developing shoes for more than 60 years. Their scientific approach has created innovative solutions that have transformed sports equipment. This guide looks at the ASICS Shoes range.


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ASICS is the leading running shoe brand for enthusiasts and professionals alike. It is used by everyone from park runners to Olympic champions.

In this guide we take a look at two key areas of the ASICS running range; Stability Shoes and Cushioning. ASICS stands for "A Sound Mind In A Sound Body" (in Latin), we hope this guide will leave you confident in your choice of ASICS purchase.

Stability running shoes

ASICS is famous for stability running shoes; especially the Gel-Kayano. These running shoes are designed for athletes who tend to over-pronate (roll their feet inwards) in their strike, and therefore want a good blend of cushioning, medial (inside) support and durability.

Who should buy them?

Stability shoes are for runners that:

  • Are an average weight
  • Don't have severe motion control problems, but require some form of medial support

What makes them unique?

ASICS Stability Running Shoes use several unique technologies:

  • Asics Gel Kayano Dynamic DuomaxImpact Guidance System: IGS allows the athlete's foot to move in a more natural manner. It enhances natural gait, making your running strike comfortable. This means that you are less prone to injury.
  • Dynamic DuoMax® Support System: This is a dual density mid-sole material, which works by stabilising the foot when it is entirely on the ground. It gives you better stability for the push-off phase of your running, giving your stride some extra strength.
  • GUIDANCE LINE: The GUIDANCE LINE ensures that as you shift your centre of gravity as you land, you then propel yourself forward in the optimum direction. The complete system ensures a smooth transition from impact to push off, making you faster and more efficient.


What is different between ASICS' Speed, Structured, Natural and Cushioned Running Shoes?

The below diagram shows elements of an ASICS shoe. But how do these vary across the ASICS range?

Anatomy of a running shoe

Cushioning elements:

  • Outsole: All ASICS shoes use a technology called AHAR+; it provides great cushioning and grip on many surfaces
  • Mid-sole: This is the layer between the outsole and the upper. ASICS running shoes use Solyte and SpEVA foam materials to create cushioning in the sole
  • Gel cushioning: Additional Gel Cushioning, which adds extra shock-absorption
  • Heel counter: This is an internal (often invisible) plastic structure that wraps around your foot and holds the heel in position. These are featured in most Cushioned and Structured (Stability) Shoes


The Range

ASICS shoes are put into ranges, depending on their level of cushioning and support:

Stability running shoes:

  • Added structure
  • Extra cushioning
  • Heel and mid-foot support for over-pronators

Cushioned running shoes: 

  • Extra cushioning to avoid injury from impact
  • Less support than a "Structured" shoe
  • For those that run on the road or hard surfaces, but do not require pronation support

Natural running shoes:

  • Light to moderate support
  • Moderate level of cushioning
  • Ideal long distance road running shoes

Speed running shoes:

  • None or only a little support
  • Light to moderate cushioning
  • Light and fast

Asics running shoes buying guide