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Image of one ASICS run sock

The importance of good run socks

Each core ASICS footwear range has a dedicated sock.This is to ensure that the sock’s cushioning and fit complements its shoe equivalent. By way of example, the Kayano sock is slightly thicker underfoot because the Kayano shoe is a high-cushion shoe. A sock for a minimalist shoe would still be thicker underfoot but not quite as much. This would ensure that the minimalist feel isn’t dampened by heavy cushioning.

It’s fair to say that if you’re experiencing discomfort and you’re ready to toss out your footwear, try changing your socks. It won’t just save your feet, it may also save you a fortune in constantly changing run shoes!

Run socks are essential for good foot health

Running socks may be small but they have a mighty impact on performance and foot health. It doesn’t matter how perfect your shoes are, if you’ve got bad socks then you’re going nowhere fast. ASICS believes that when we’re blaming our shoes for giving us blisters and sweaty feet, we would be better off pointing the finger at our socks. Here we take a look at some of the main issues associated with bad socks and how you can avoid them.

Injury prevention

Blisters are one of the most common run injuries. If you get one infected, it can put a stop to training for days, weeks or even months. Run socks are moisture wicking, so your feet don’t slip and slide as much. This means less friction which in turn means less chance of blisters. Run socks are also seamless, so you don’t have the nobbly bit over the little toe – also a culprit for causing blisters.

Cushioning panels for increased comfort

Run socks feature strategically-placed cushioning panels. The placement of cushioning varies between brands and styles but ASICS tends to place it on the top of the foot and on the ankle, at the rear. Extra cushioning in these areas protect you from chafing under the tongue and on your ankle bone, respectively.

strategically-placed cushioning panels


Sock support band for improved fit

ASICS run socks feature a support band which basically encircles the mid-foot. This helps to keep
the sock in place during runs, thus preventing the sock bunching and then causing chafing and blisters. It also means that your shoe will follow the contour of your foot, thus ensuring that your footwear is best-fit every time that you wear it.

ASICS run socks feature a support band which basically encircles the mid-foot


With socks, the ball and heel of the foot tend to wear-out fastest. ASICS run socks have thicker fabric under both of these areas, to increase their lifespan. This means that over time, buying run-specific socks should actually save you money.