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You've perfected your stroke technique. Are you ready for the next steps? Zoggs teamed up with ex-Olympian James Goddard to explain some advanced moves and how you can use training aids to improve your swim.

Tumble Turns

Change direction in one swift and graceful move and boost your swim by pushing off from the wall.

Freestyle Breathing

Have you been mastering your freestyle technique? Master your breathing and it will become an even easier, simpler and a more enjoyable experience. The force in which you breathe in will have an effect on the body in the sustainability of the exercise, but also the position your body holds in the water. 

The is designed to isolate the upper body, improving upper body strength and stroke technique and making you fitter and faster in the water. It elevates the legs and body position keeping you on point.

 help improve your kick technique, ankle flexibility, and increase your overall lower body strength and leg stamina. They're designed for ultra-propulsion as you swim whilst being comfortable to wear. They can be used together with the to vary your training.

are hydro-dynamically designed to improve your swimming stroke technique, as well as to aid training and increase your strength.


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