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Split image of Adidas Tycane glasses

New sunglasses have arrived

It's early November and the sun is positively beaming. It's still a bit cold, so you put on the base layer and the arm warmers. Dig your bike out and hit the local country roads. I've been there a hundred times, only this time, something's different.

On my face is a pair of the brand new Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor Sunglasses. This is unusual for me as I don't normally wear 'shades' on the bike. I like the wind on the face too much. (And the glasses not steaming up!)

First impressions

The first thing that really hit me was how comfortable they were. With two adjustable nose pieces and adjustable arms that go up and down you really can get a great fit without having to compromise on nose to ear rise, or nose width.

close-up image of Adidas sunglass arms

close-up image of Adidas sunglass arms

Comfortable and secure fit

Once you've got them how you like them they don't move. Again, something that was incredibly reassuring when you're thrashing your head around on an out the saddle uphill sprint. If however you have an over active head wobble (or enjoy yachting), they do include a strap from arm to arm for 100% safety. They also fit great in your helmet holes as I did go back to old habits and remove them for the lengthy climbs.

close-up image of Adidas sunglass arms

High quality lenses

While out riding the Adidas Tycane Pro lenses did a great job. There was no glare off the damp roads and there was no blinding light when heading towards the sun, but then this is what you'd expect from a decent pair of sunglasses. New to me was the fact that the lenses were still very light so gave great vision. Usually I find with sunglasses generally that when you're not out in the sun they can be dark; this issue is most notable when you enter a dense woodland area on your mountain bike.

Also included in the package, and something pretty unique is a removable foam 'outside liner' designed to stop debris going in your eyes. I gave the mountain bike a quick whizz around the muddy woods and they did stop a few bits and bobs here and there, but for me, I don't think the little extra bulk and reduced ventilation would be something I'd sacrifice for a feature I've not really missed. I very much feel this is for pure downhill though.

close-up image of Adidas sunglass


If you like riding your bike with sunnies then I'd definitely give these a look, if nothing else but the customisable fit that really was superb and from what I've seen, pretty unique. Or perhaps the foam outer if you're into your downhill and don't fancy a pair of goggles.

They've certainly 'opened my eyes' to the possibility of carrying glasses while cycling for those all too rare sunny days.

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Ben Gray
Published on: 13 May 2015