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Image of 2XU sponsored athletes modelling compression clothing

2XU compression clothing is the height of performance apparel; it can increase the efficiency of your warm ups, increase your performance during exercise, and reduce recovery times. In this guide we consider their range.

Who are 2XU?

2XU engineers are a dedicated and scientific team; who create, test and manufacture the height of performance compression apparel.

The 2XU fabric PWX (Power, Weight and FleXibility) has been through in-depth tests both by 2XU engineers and independent testers, and has been proven to increase performance both in the laboratory and on the race track.

2XU compression fabric

What are the benefits of compression clothing?

Compression clothing is a tight fitting fabric that supports your muscles, it has been shown to have benefits to performance levels before, during and after exercise. The improved circulation, muscle containment and reduce muscle vibration all have significant performance advantages:

The benefits before exercise

  • Reduced warm-up times: Compression clothing uses a graduated compression of the blood vessels to increase circulation to the heart and the lymph nodes. This reduces the time required for warming up, and makes exercising faster, safer and more productive.

The benefits of compression wear before exercise

The benefits during exercise

  • Reduced muscle fatigue and muscle damage: By containing the muscles in a highly compressed shell, you reduce the vibration and minimise damage and overall fatigue that occur during exercise
  • Improved agility: Increased pressure on the skin's surface raises sensory awareness and improves posture, agility and stability.
  • Performance gains: Increased blood circulation, muscle oxygenation and reduced fatigue all serve to increase overall performance levels.

The benefits of compression wear during exercise

The benefits after exercise

  • Reduced recovery times: The graduated compression of 2XU garments means that their is an increased level of circulation, improving the speed of muscle recovery.
  • Decreased muscle soreness: The removal of toxins and lactate from the muscles reduces swelling and helps to improve recovery times and reduce muscle soreness.
  • Reduced risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis: Improved blood circulation helps to reduce swelling in the lower extremities (feet and ankles), this reduces the risk of blood clots and Deep Vein Thrombosis.

The benefits of compression wear after exercise

The importance of fit

Having good fitting clothing is normally high on the priority list for athletes, but for compression clothing it is a necessity. Due to the nature of compression technology compression garments must be close fitting and tight to the skin. That means that getting the right size is necessary for the science to work!

To ensure you get the right size compression garment for you, look at the detailed size charts on our 2XU garment pages, these provide a guide based on centimeter accurate measurements and on your weight.

Ensure you get the right fit, and you can enjoy the benefits of compression!

2xu sizing chart