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Kask have a long history in producing high quality road helmets for cyclists both at amateur level and within the Pro Peloton. For me, one thing is for certain, fit is everything. After reading many great things about the helmet, I was delighted to be asked to test the Mojito for myself and to see whether it lives up to its reputation..

The Fit 

As mentioned, the fit that the Kask Mojito Sport Road Helmet provides is absolutely superb and one of the reasons why is because of the retention system (Kask call this the Up-N-Down Adjustment). This is comprised of 2 parts - the Up-N-Down system and the ratchet wheel.

When you place the helmet on your head the Up-N-Down system allows you to adjust the position of the straps and ratchet wheel to your desired position, which is ideally the base of your skull/very top of your neck. Once this is in place you then turn the ratchet wheel to tighten the straps accordingly thus securing the helmet to your head. This gives a near-perfect fit with the helmet cradling your head superbly and once on the helmet feels part of your head – it’s that comfortable.  

Up-N-Down system

Comfort Is Key

As well as the Up-N-Down system, I found the padding within the helmet extremely comfortable as well. With various helmets I have worn in the past, I found that some areas had inadequate padding causing irritation at times. This is not the case with the Kask Mojito Sport Road Helmet. At no time have I ever felt any part of the helmet rubbing or digging in to me in any way. My head is totally immersed in padding and comfort, which is what I require when racing hard or training, especially on long endurance rides.

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When in hot conditions, I like my head to feel cool. The 26 vents on the Mojito do this extremely well. The large vents at the front allow the air to pour in whilst the vents at the back expel the hot air generated. As well as great performance, the Mojito looks fab too. It’s compact in design and available in a wide range of colours suiting most people’s colour choices. The straps are soft, anti-allergic and very comfortable. Sitting nicely in position on each side of my face. Made from Eco-leather, they bring a touch of luxury and this is definitely felt when all straps are tightened up.

Compare and contrast

In direct comparison I had a chance to wear the Giro Synthe road helmet for a day. This is a popular choice for many cyclists, but in my opinion the Kask Mojito is superior; both in comfort and fit. I found the Synthe uncomfortable, especially the inside moulding. I found my temples were being squeezed by the helmet construction too much and after a while I had to take the Synthe off. I also found the style of the Synthe slightly unappealing.

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Overall the Kask Mojito Sport Road Helmet is a superb. It’s extremely comfortable, it provides a great fit, and just looks amazing - it’s a helmet of choice for me. So much so I bought a medium helmet for my partner and she is of the same opinion. It’s cheaper than the Giro Synthe and far better in many ways. One thing with the Mojito though, it would have been great if the helmet featured an inbuilt bug net. A neat perforated netting which would stop bugs, flies, etc, from moving around in your hair when they decide to pop in for an uninvited and unexpected visit.

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Published on: 04 Jun 2015

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