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Wiggle’s first bit of advice when buying cycling shoes is, “Always buy shoes that are a comfortable fit out of the box”. Riding in uncomfortable shoes and waiting for them to break in can lead to discomfort or even injury. The way that cycling shoes are made, they do not break in. Sidi hand build their shoes from solid lasts, basically a mould.

Why is size important?

Sidi is well known for having a comfortable fit out of the box. Any discomfort is most likely linked to choosing a shoe that isn’t the correct size, so the best option is to return them for an alternative size. Different people like shoes to fit in different ways, some like the shoes to be tight, however, the majority of riders like approximately 5mm of movement in the toe box.

Cycling shoes are designed without compromise, to provide optimum power transfer between your foot and the pedal. High-tech materials and precision manufacturing keep weight down and stiffness up, this means your rotational mass is lower and power transfer is higher, resulting in more forward momentum for your effort.

When you have your cycling shoes on, a tip is to stand in them, and lift your heels up. If there is a gap between the heel and back of your ankle then the shoes are too large, and the shoes will feel sloppy when riding, especially after long periods of time. Sidi’s heel retention device is an excellent solution to this.

If any toes touch the end of the shoe when full weight is applied, then the shoe is more than likely too small. Again, this depends on preference, but the majority of cyclists like a small amount of room in the toe box. If you can wiggle your toes too freely however, then the shoes are too big.

Wiggle recommends: The Sidi Genius 5-Fit Carbon Road Shoes is one of our best selling Sidi road cycling shoes.Sidi Genius 5-Fit Carbon Road Shoes

Sidi size chart at Wiggle

The Wiggle Sidi size chart can be viewed on every Sidi shoe product page. It has been designed to help you make the right decision when you choose your new Sidi shoes.

When trying on your shoes, do this with the socks you would wear whilst riding. Thicker or thinner socks will not give the correct feel and touch that you require when fitting your shoes.

It’s important to remember that Sidi shoe sizes are not smaller, this is something that has been rumoured over the years, they are simply more precise. Sidi’s design is focused on providing cyclists with shoes that do not move once they are on your feet. Sidi full sizes are 6mm different from the next full size. This is why Sidi produce half sizes, to give as close to a custom fit as possible. Cycling shoes are meant to be snug; they are designed to cradle your foot closely.  The standard Sidi shoes are based on a ‘D’ width foot.

Example of size guide

Special models

Mega Range

Sidi has designed its range of Mega shoes for those seeking extra volume in a shoe. 4mm extra width across the ball of the foot, its a EE-EEE width (wide/extra wide). The heel cup is also wider and the shoes are complete with a higher instep. This is useful, if for example you wear a size 44 and find it slightly tight around the front or under the arch, then a 44 Mega might be the solution for the perfect fit.

The Mega model may also be useful for cyclists who use very high-volume insoles or those who have high insteps. The Mega range is not only for those who have wide feet.

Wiggle recommends: The Sidi Dominator 5-Fit MTB Shoe (Mega/Wide Fit) is one of our most popular Mega range mountain bike shoes.Sidi Mega Range

Women’s  Specific

Sidi are very proud to be a manufacturer of women specific cycling shoes ever since the 1960s, so naturally Sidi know a thing or two about the female foot and what it requires when going through the pedalling motion.
The women’s Sidi shoe last is not just a smaller/narrower version of the men’s as this wouldn’t be sufficient or suitable. The Sidi women’s ‘last’ has been generated, refined and developed to continually improve over the years, resulting in a great fitting shoe for the female cyclist.

The Sidi women’s specific shoe features include a narrower heel and ankle to accommodate the smaller volume foot belonging to females. Technology is not ignored when developing and producing the women’s range of Sidi cycling shoes. The same features such as Sidi’s unique closure systems and soles are found on the ladies shoes as you would find on their men’s counterpart.

Wiggle recommends: The Sidi Women's Wire Carbon Vernice Road Shoe - 2015 is one of our best selling women's specific Sidi cyling shoes.

Sidi Women's Wire Carbon Vernice Road Shoe

A popular question that Wiggle is asked by female customers is “Will men’s Sidi shoes fit me?” The answer to this is yes, if you have consistently wide feet from the heel through to the ball/forefront.

Fitting systems

Sidi Heel Cup

The Sidi Heel Cup is an adjustable heel retention device improves the fit at the top of the heel cup by closing the back of the shoe securely around the rider’s ankle. The heel retention device tightens the top of the heel cup so that your heel will not move or slip particularly during steep climbs or sprints. It can be adjusted with two small screws that work independently from each other.

Wiggle recommends: The Sidi Hydro Gore-Tex Road Shoe is a great winter cycling shoe that features Sidi's Heel Cup to keep your foot in the right position at all times.The heel retention device improves the fit at the top of the heel cup

Sidi Calliper Buckle

The micrometric closure, offers precise adjustment, Sidi call this the Calliper Buckle, it is controlled by lifting the central buckle. In order to completely open, lift together the side buckles, too slightly loosen the closure the central clip must be lifted.

Wiggle recommends: The Sidi Cape MTB Shoes is one of many Sidi cycling shoes which features their excellent caliper buckle - this makes for precise and easy adjustment on the fly. 

The micrometric closure is adjustable by lifting the central buckle

Tecno 3 System

The Sidi Tecno 3 buckle uses monofilament line, similar to fishing line. And a fine-tooth ratchet for smooth adjustment and even pressure distribution. This allows exact closure and adapts the upper of the shoe to the shape of the foot for a customised fit. To loosen the system, press the unlocking button down, in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Wiggle recommends: The Sidi Kaos Air Road Shoe is one of our best selling Techno 3 equipped cycling shoes.

Soft Instep 3 Closure System

This is an anatomical and comfortable strap, placed on the top of the foot and combined with a soft yet very strong material, this increases comfort and performance. Pressure is spread evenly over the arch area; it can be adjusted from both sides to achieve maximum comfort and the best fit.

Wiggle recommends: The Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice Road Shoes - 2015 features Sidi's Soft Instep 3 Closure System.Pressure is spread evenly over the arch area

Cleat and pedal compatibility

Sidi road shoes are compatible with all 3 bolt road cleat fixings, so this means you can use Look (all models), Time (RXS/I-Clic/Expresso), Shimano (SPD SL), Ritchey (Echelon), Wellgo, Campagnolo Pro Fit, Mavic and many more.

Sidi mountain bike shoes fit with all 2 bolt mountain bike cleat fixings, for instance all Shimano SPD, Time Atac, Crank Brothers, Ritchey, Speedplay Frog, Look Quartz, Wellgo SPD models, BBB,  and many more.

Speedplay road pedal fittings

Sidi offer two ways of mounting the Speedplay road pedal* cleats. The most popular and standard way is by using the 3 bolt adaptor plate. Sidi do offer a Speedplay specific mounting sole on some of their shoes, so it is worth checking the range of shoes to see the models available. This saves weight, as well as lowering the stack height to further benefit the use of cycling shoes with these pedals.

If in doubt please contact Wiggle’s customer service department who are able to help with any questions.

* Speedplay road models are Zero, Light Action, X1, X2, X5