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Peter Slater from OTE Sports gives you advice on how to fuel and refuel your body when training. Peter has advised World and Olympic champions on nutrition for sports performance.
Not forgetting that he has also qualified and competed in the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Hawaii on three occasions!

Sports Nutrition – what is it?

Sports Nutrition can be divided in to two broad areas, ‘sports foods’ and ‘ergogenic aids’. Sports foods provide the energy and nutrients needed for effective exercise, typically carbohydrate energy for during exercise, and protein for recovery and adaption from exercise. Normal foods such as bananas and milk can also provide these nutrients.

The benefit of ‘sports foods’ is that they are designed and engineered to provide the best quality ingredients in the correct amounts needed by the body. Sports nutrition products not only provide high quality nutrients but also offer a convenient and cost effective delivery system.

Ergogenic aids are nutrients that can help improve performance. Caffeine is one such ergogenic aid that is useful to athletes for various reasons. The main reason why caffeine is useful is the effect it has on the central nervous system; it gives an energy ‘boost’. Having a product that combines caffeine with carbohydrate during exercise can provide a real kick, which will not only improve performance, but also the enjoyment of the exercise experience.

The benefits of fuelling correctly and using sport nutrition products

For anybody new to the exciting world of endurance sport, getting their diet and nutrition right can enhance not only their exercise experience but also their general fitness and well-being. If you follow basic rules and adopt a healthy and varied diet this should be relatively simple to achieve.

Try to eat 3 main meals every day, supported by 3 snack meals. Eat a mixed variety of food which not only provides the macro nutrients of carbohydrate, protein and fat, but also the essential vitamins and minerals needed to optimize health and well-being.

During exercise, especially during endurance events or when the intensity is high it is often more convenient to use correctly formulated sports nutrition products to provide energy, and also help you remain hydrated.

How to choose energy products and when to use them

Energy & Hydration

The critical nutritional factors that affect sports performance are hydration and energy supply. Climate, duration of exercise, and the intensity you intend to train or race at will also have a significant effect on your hydration and fuelling strategy.

Basically you need to try and intake 40-90g of carbohydrate per hour of exercise to maintain blood glucose levels, the harder the intensity the more carbohydrate is required. Carbohydrate should be taken alongside enough fluid as necessary to ensure you remain hydrated.

Refuelling during training sessions of up to 60 minutes isn’t necessary if your diet and pre-exercise meals contain sufficient carbohydrate, ensure you also remain hydrated prior to exercise.

The OTE Energy System has been developed around 20g serving’s of carbohydrate and can be used ‘modularly’ to help you achieve your correct fuelling and hydration strategy.

  • One 43g serving of OTE Energy Drink in 500ml of water provides 40g of Carbohydrate (two servings).
  • One OTE Energy Gel provides 20.5g of Carbohydrate.
  • At lower intensity levels solid food is an alternative fuelling option to gels.  For example a medium sized banana will provide close to 20g of carbohydrate.
  • As the intensity increases OTE technical sports nutrition products provide a more convenient and appropriate method of fuelling.

Energy drinks

Many people struggle to get their fluid balance right during training and racing.  If you are training for a big event an important part of your preparation should be to plan and understand your fluid and energy needs.

Energy drinks are a great way of fuelling your workout. They provide essential carbohydrate needed by the working muscles and electrolytes to help maintain hydration. OTE energy drinks have been developed to be pH neutral and therefore kinder on the stomach when drinking large volumes.

If you are training or racing for longer than 90 minutes then taking a medium sized banana or energy gel alongside your energy drinks should provide you with about the right amount of energy you need per hour. OTE gels contain real fruit juice which provide natural electrolytes, carbohydrate and great natural flavouring.  A high quality maltodextrin ensures effective carbohydrate delivery to fuel your working muscles.

The OTE Caffeine Gel combines 50mg of caffeine (about the same as a strong espresso) with carbohydrate and natural fruit juices to produce possibly the perfect endurance exercise sports nutrition product.


Recovery is about function and fuel. Correctly formulated recovery products provide the essential proteins needed to support adaptation and recovery.

Consuming a recovery drink within 30 minutes of finishing your workout means you are more likely to be able to train or race at a higher intensity the day after a hard or multiple workout. 

OTE recovery products provide the essential proteins needed to support adaptation and recovery from exercise and help the re-fuelling process without over loading the body with excess carbohydrates. OTE recovery products deliver 25g of high quality protein to help repair and rebuild muscle, a controlled 18g of carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and the amino acids L-Glutamine and L-Leucine.  Most importantly they taste great and are available in a Whey/Casein or Soya protein formula.

The full range of OTE products are available here.

Who are OTE Sports?

OTE Sports are a UK-based nutrition brand with a world-class pedigree that delivers easy to use, effective and stomach-pleasing nutrition to aid cyclists, triathletes and runners of all levels.

OTE Sports don’t believe in compromise, their products have been developed to deliver taste and functionality. They are naturally flavoured, free from artificial sweeteners & colours and have been developed to help you hydrate, fuel, perform and recover.

Having worked alongside some of the world’s top athletes over the years, OTE products have been designed and developed by professional nutritionists, cyclists and triathletes to give you the performance edge. OTE Sports aim to demystify sports nutrition and offer clarity on good nutritional practices for athletes; this allows you to make an educated choice on which products to buy, and understand when to use them to improve your performance or general fitness.

OTE Sports was founded by Peter Slater, who has previous form as a founding director of Science In Sport. Ex-elite road cyclist Shaun Pearson, who has twenty years experience testing and developing sports nutrition products, and Matt Harrison, a keen athlete and business expert.