Mizuno Wave Technology Guide


Who are Mizuno?

Mizuno was born in Japan, with the aim to make running more comfortable, more enjoyable and more accessible for everyone. They also aim to give non-professional runners access to cutting-edge technologies and their Mizuno Wave shoes are one of the most advanced shoes on the market.

What are the features of Wave Technology?

Cushioning and stability are crucial factors to consider when buying running shoes. However, they were often seen to contradict each other, which made it difficult to achieve a good balance between them. Mizuno took up the challenge of overcoming this balancing act, and developed the Mizuno Wave technology. In a nutshell, it provides high levels of cushioning and stability, in equal measure!

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Why is Mizuno Wave technology unique?

For a long time it was thought that adding to the cushioning of a shoe would increase the potential for over-pronation. That meant there was always a compromise to be made between cushioning and support – runners simply couldn’t have both, in optimal levels. Mizuno Wave uses a wavy form structure: the shoe is cushioned but also firm in the direction of impact, which is where stability is required. This means that you get bounce from the cushioning and support, to stop over-pronation.


Who should purchase Mizuno Wave shoes?

- Additional cushioning: Running places a significant impact on your joints and muscles; cushioning reduces this impact. This makes running more comfortable, and reduces the chance of injury.

- Over-pronation support: If your ankles are subject to rolling inwards as you land, you could benefit from the added support from Mizuno Wave, which will help to reduce the chance of knee or back injury from the repeated twisting motion.