Fitting guide: SKS RaceBlades


Mudguards are an essential winter accessory; even when it isn’t raining the roads are frequently wet in the autumn-winter-spring months, if you don’t have mudguards fitted you will still get wet from road spray, even if precipitation isn’t falling from the sky at the time you ride.

In this guide we have picked out one of the best sets of mudguards that Wiggle sells: the SKS RaceBlade Long, and to make the fitting of them as easy as possible we’ve got step by step photos for you to follow.


Step 1: Lay out your tools. For the SKS Raceblades all you need is: 5mm allen key + flat head screw driverTools


Step 2: Remove both wheels. In this guide we only look at the rear wheel fitting as this is the more complex

Step 1 remove wheels


Step 3a: Loosen the brake caliper bolt with the allen key and slide in the two metal clips

loosen brake caliper and slide in


Step 3b: Note: there are two different lengths of these metal clips, the longer version is for forks that have a very deep width.

two different sizes


Step 4: The front portion of the mudguards simply clips onto the metal attachment

clip on front mudguard


Step 5a: Slide the stanchions (metal rods) onto the end of the guards

slide on stanchions


Step 5b: Slide the stanchions on so that they are roughly positioned with a 1/3 of the mudguard between the two

slide on stanchions 2


Step 6a: Attach the mudflap with the small plastic screw bolt

mudflap 1.

Step 6b: Tighten the bolt with the flat head screwdriver. It doesn’t need to be too tight, be gentle!

mudflap 2.

Step 7: Clip the now assembled mudguard to the metal slide clip.



Step 8: Clip in the metal clips on the lower feet of the stanchions

clip on


Step 9: Remount the rear wheel without the skewer. Then slide the skewer through the hub so that it passes through the metal clip of the mudguard, and then into the hub. You MUST REMOVE THE QUICK RELEASE SPRING completely on both ends of the skewer. This is because the metal clip will prevent the spring from compressing inside the QR lever body, therefore preventing the closure of the QR completely.

drop out mod


Step 10: Last step! Slide the stanchions of the mudguards up and down until you find a position where they keep the guard away from the tyre all along the guard’s complete length. Done!


Note: In the event of needing to remove the wheel after the mudguard has been fitted: Unclip the stanchions from the lower metals clips using the plastic button on each side. The mudguard will then just be attached to the bike with the upper clip near to the brake caliper.

You can then remove the rear wheel with the lower metal clips still attached to the hub skewer (you do not need to remove the skewer from the hub). When it comes to remounting the wheel, refit the hub so that the metal clips point in the right direction (approximately the two o’clock position) and then just slide on the stanchion clip to re-secure the guard.