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Staff Review: Kask Infinity Aero Helmet

Aero helmets were everywhere in the pro peloton in 2014, and there is reason to believe they’ll be even more wide-spread in 2015. In this review, we take a look at the Kask Infinity – the top of the range model from the Italian brand, who kit out Team Sky. Is it able to provide

Staff review: Gore Bike Wear Element Bib Tights

Bib tights are an essential part of a cyclist’s wardrobe as they offer great comfort, warmth, and protection from the elements. We provided Wiggle staff tester ‘Rich’ Pearman with a pair of Gore Bike Wear Element bib tights to see how they performed amid the cold of winter.

Staff review: Crud RoadRacer MK2 Mudguards  

Mudguards are an essential tool when it comes to improving the quality of your ride; they’re also beneficial on group rides as other cyclists will be protected from road spray or flying debris. Wiggle‘s Chris Wright was eager to test the Crud RoadRacer MK2 Mudguards; we handed him a set to review.

Staff review: SKS Bluemels Mudguards

When confronting the elements, mudguards are an invaluable tool to have in your cycling arsenal; dealing with road spray is a constant challenge and if you don’t use mudguards there is a good chance you will get wet during your ride. Wiggle staff reviewer Chris Wright tested some SKS Bluemels Mudguards to see how they performed in the wet

Staff review: Pro Lite Bortola A21 Alloy Clincher Wheelset

The Pro-Lite Bortola clincher wheelset is the powerful cousin of the Bracciano that was featured in our Wiggle product spotlight. We were eager to give these low profile, lightweight, tubeless ready wheels a spin and decided that our very own Wiggle bike bungee rider Joe Stembridge was the perfect man for the test – #goodstuff

Staff review: Gore Bike Wear Universal balaclava

Sometimes riding in extreme cold means wearing headwear that covers the whole of the head (except eyes and nose) and it is in such a scenario that a balaclava can deliver the goods and keep you riding in comfort. Wiggle’s Richard Pearman conducts his own ride comparison test to see if he can reap the rewards of extra protection.

Staff review: Gore Bike Wear Equipe Gore-Tex cap

Cycling caps are incredibly useful as they can be worn under your helmet and provide protection from the rain and insulation against the cold. Wiggle staff tester Richard Pearman was asked to test Gore Bike Wear’s Equipe Gore-Tex cap, have a read of his review to see if this product is #goodstuff.

Staff review: Gore Bike Wear Universal undergloves

Undergloves can be worn to enhance comfort and help maintain warmth when it’s cold. They also keep your hands sweat-free due to their excellent moisture management. Wiggle staff member Richard Pearman was asked to test Gore Bike Wear’s Universal undergloves – have a read of his review below to see if these gloves met his seal