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Spring cycle clothing: Kit yourself out for a Spring Classic

Whether you’re starting your first season of cycling, or you’re a life-long rider, spring is a season that can present challenges in terms of clothing and kit. In this guide, Tim Wiggins, one of our staff writers and riders, takes a look at what he wore on a recent trip to the Flemish cobbles in

Introducing: dhb Halterneck Shorts

Though some are initially sceptical, most cyclists will transition to wearing bib shorts on the bike: waist shorts offer a great level of comfort, but the secure fit of bibs is a real step up. Unfortunately this increased comfort means a decrease in convenience when nature calls. This isn’t much of a problem for men, but for women it’s a different story! At dhb, we think we’ve found the solution.

Etixx summer cycle training guide

At Etixx we believe that getting your nutrition right to meet the specific demands of your sport is essential. With this in mind, our elite sports nutritionist Glenn Kearney has put together sport-specific nutrition advice for road cyclists building towards a spring/ summer sportive, or triathletes focusing on cycling training.

Understanding Salomon’s Contagrip technology

Salomon runners are an adventurous bunch; their stomping grounds range from the local park to great big mountains. These are places where if you slip even a little bit then you risk a twisted ankle, or worse. You need footwear that offers traction and plenty of it. Enter Contagrip, Salomon’s patented non-marking, super durable outsole technology.

Staff review: Altura ARC 40 Panniers

Pannier bags are an excellent way to transport luggage on your bike. They offer an integrated solution as they’re designed to fit on to your bicycle frame; this makes them easy to install. In this Wiggle staff review Chris Wright tests the Altura ARC 40 Panniers, have a read to see how he got on and

Staff review: Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor Sunglasses

Wearing good quality eye protection has huge benefits when you ride or cycle - one of the first things you'll notice is that getting debris in your eyes when you least expect it will be a thing of the past. We got a pair of Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor Sunglasses to test and asked Wiggler Ben Gray to try some out.

Staff review: Ortlieb Back-Roller High Visibility Pannier and Rucksack Adapter

When it comes to transporting large amounts of luggage on your bike you will find that pannier bags offer the best solution in terms of safety and comfort. They are designed to integrate with your frame and this in turn gives you a more seamless ride experience.